Friday, March 7, 2008

Sufficient Amounts of Antioxidants

I posted the response to the antioxidant & folinic acid study from Dr. Hickey on the DSTNI yahoo group.

Richard asked, "Do you know if NVD contains the amounts of antioxidants Dr. Hickey deems necessary?"

I thought that was a great point, so I looked it up and here's what I found:

For Vitamin C, Dr. Hickey says, "Assuming a weight of 8 kg for a 7 month old child, a minimal therapeutic ascorbate dose of 140 mg/kg gives 1120 mg, i.e. approximately one gram."

In Nutrivene-D the Vitamin C dosage for a 7 month old who weighs 9kgs or less is 200mgs.

For Vitamin E, Dr. Hickey says, "Assuming 40 IU per kg, a minimum dose of about 320 IU of a high quality, natural form of vitamin E would be required for a 7-month-old child."

In Nutrivene-D for a 7 month old child, weighing 9kgs or less, they would get 80 IU.

So, the one is lower than what Dr. Hickey may deem necessary, but the other is higher than his minimum dose.

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