Friday, January 4, 2008

The Changes We've Seen

The changes we've seen with my brother and Ginkgo Biloba is his attention span and being able to focus better.

His attention span is great and he is able to focus really well. His delayed response time is very minimal.

We've noticed some changes in him lately, which I don't know if they are directly to the GB or not, but nonetheless it is interesting.

He can be given two things to do and he's able to do both of them without doing only the one thing. Like after we've fed him yogurt. There's the yogurt container that has to be thrown in the trash can and there's the spoon that has to be put in the sink. We give him both of them and tell him what to do with each one and he goes and puts the one in the trash and the other in the sink. A few months ago, he would have only been able to do one or the other, not remember to keep them both separate. Now, whether this is due to the GB, or just that he is getting older (will be 3 y/o in February), I don't know.

The other day when I was doing the stacking rings with him. Normally he picks up the smallest two rings first for whatever reason, but that is what he always does. Sometimes I'll stack them up the wrong way so that as he takes the first ones off the top of the stack, he puts them on the stacking toy in the right order. But, the other day I decided to leave them all laying there and just ask him to put the right one on to see if he could do it in the right order. He went to pick up the two smallest two and I said, "no, those don't go on first, can you pick up the red one?" He put down the smallest two, looked around at the pieces and picked up the red one and put it on. He did it with all the pieces . . . orange, green, yellow, dark blue, etc. He ended up doing it two times in a row! I was so excited. Again, I don't know if this is related to the GB, or another supplement, or if he is just growing.

Nonetheless, changes similar to these are the things that we've noticed with him and the GB.

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