Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Book Update

We are making alot of progress on our book, yet we also have alot to do on it still!

The foreword is being written by Karen Gaffney (who recently swam across lake Tahoe!). The introduction is being written by Dr. Lawrence Leichtman. We've emailed Dr. Mostert (I posted an article he wrote on abortion a couple months back) to ask if he would be wiling to write an article on diagnosis and how doctors need to be informed.

We also have articles from alot of other individuals (including Sujeet Desai's mother) who gave us their permission to use their articles. We are waiting to hear from Pat Winders to see if I can include an article she wrote on PT in DS. I spoke to her on the phone a few weeks ago and she had contacted the editor of the journal that her paper was published in to get permission to let us use her article.

We are still looking for stories of anyone who would be interested in writing their stories - regarding their child's heart defect and the surgery, breastfeeding experience, birth/diagnosis experience, and whatever it may be.

~~ Qadoshyah

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