Thursday, September 13, 2007


Just thought I'd share what my brother did the other day. He has always had a hard time with doing fine motor activity, because of his short and wide fingers and hands ;). We bought a whole bunch of knob puzzles and fine motor building games several months ago and have been working on him with them. He has never been able to pick up small knob puzzle pieces by holding the little knob (the knobs are so small, he has to hold it with two fingers [pincer grasp] to be able to do it). He would always just put the pieces in the puzzle by holding to the piece itself - never attempted to hold it by the small knob. Well, I decided to let him try to do the small knob puzzle this morning and guess what?!! He picked up the pieces by the small knob and was putting them in the puzzle and taking them out of the puzzle. He did it over and over again and was very excited to show mom his new thing he learned ;).

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