Monday, June 4, 2007

Letter To The Editor - in response to "One Mother's Choice To Abort"

I wrote this letter to the editor today in response to this article - "One Mother's Choice To Abort" ~

In response to “One Mother’s Choice To Abort” ~ A Selfish Choice

Dear Editor,
I read the article, “A Mother’s Choice To Abort”, published on the front page of this newspaper on 5/20/07. I was very disturbed after reading it. It was portrayed in that article that it is a big bad thing and so hard to raise a child with Down syndrome. I want to point out a few things. First, it is NOT a bad thing at all! Secondly, it is and can be hard to raise a child with special needs, such as Down syndrome. But, abortion should not be and is not the answer. The answer is to be self-less. The main reason why some claim they cannot raise a child with Down syndrome is because they don’t have the money or time. So, they choose to end a human life. How selfish of that person! Rita says it was “selflessly motivated”, that isn’t true in any way. She was anything but “selflessly motivated.”
I want everyone to know that it isn’t that bad to raise a child with special needs. A baby who is diagnosed with Down syndrome is still a human being and should be given the chance to live! They should never be aborted (killed). If someone “cannot” raise a child with special needs, because they are so selfish, there is always the option of adoption. Children with Down syndrome bring so much joy and love to a family. Even though these little blessings come with a bit more work, they are all the while worth it!

I can be reached by email at mhtml:%7BFEAC0E52-3001-48E1-9A30-D78891A78B72%7Dmid://00000315/!

Qadoshyah Fish
Sister to a wonderful little boy with Down syndrome!

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