Sunday, September 11, 2011

Speech Progress Yet Again!

Speech progress seems slow sometimes, but it does come, thankfully. It takes a lot of work. Continual work. Repetitious work. Muscle Work. Sound work. Reading work.

When I blogged about how O had finally learned to say "Mom" without the "B" sound, it was such a huge thing! It's been awhile since then though. O has continued to make progress in his speech. In fact, in the last couple months he has made significant gains in his speech. We aren't having to repeat what he says to him to make sure we're understanding him as often (that's huge!), which means he is able to communicate more effectively & clearly. But, he still lacks clarity of speech.

That tongue of his surely gets in the way a lot it seems! He puts a lot of "B" and "D" sounds at the beginning of words. But, he is getting better.

I've been focusing more on making him use the straws from TalkTools consistently. That has made a HUGE difference. As well as using various other horns which help build the muscles for tongue retraction. And we, of course, continue to work on his jaw by using the bite blocks. Both single bite blocks and double bite blocks.

This week we were working on reading (yes, his reading is coming along really well too, praise the Lord). We got to the flash cards "Me" and "My." O has never been able to say either of those words correctly. It's always been "Dee."

Well, the other day, I did what I always do and broke the word down .... "mmmmmm-eeeeeeee." He can say it broken down, but putting it together and saying it normally doesn't work.....that is, most of the time. But, to my surprise and excitement, he said "Me"....with the "M" sound! And then he went on to saying "My" with the "M" sound.

That's music to my ears :)! Praise the Lord.

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