Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recipe 12: Gluten Free Crepes

We have to be very careful with what foods we cook around this place, since there are so many food allergies in our family. We recently found out my 18 yr old brother has a corn allergy. So, we've had to cut out corn now too (which makes corn tortillas go out the window, at least for him!).

That makes it so that we cut out wheat & gluten, cow dairy (except for rare occasions for some of our family) & now corn.

Since we were eating a lot of corn via corn bread & corn tortillas, we had to make a few adjustments. The corn bread recipe we use, is now just rice bread. And it's actually really good (hopefully that recipe can come soon!). And, in place of corn tortillas, we make rice crepes. They are delicious and make a great sandwich (with lunch meat in them), a breakfast "burrito" (with eggs & meat) or even a taco. You can also add some sweetness to them by using fruit with some whipped cream or syrup as the filling in the middle.

So, here's the recipe.

Gluten-Free Rice Crepes
Makes 5-6 large crepes
(we triple or quadruple the recipe for our family)

1 cup rice flour
1 cup water
2 eggs
salt, pepper, other seasonings *optional (they still taste great with  no seasonings)


1. Mix all ingredients together well. The rice flour will be a little thick at first.

2. Using a ladle or measuring cup, pour the batter into a pan. A frying pan works best. Note: You will want to stir the batter before you put some in the pan each time. It settles and gets a bit separated if you don't.

Use enough batter so that you can evenly spread it out over the pan to make a decent sized crepe.

3. Once the top of the crepe starts looking "dry", it's time to flip it.

The bottom should be light brown after it's flipped. Leave it on the pan for just a minute or less, and then take it off.

 Both sides should look "done" and lightly brown.

Add some toppings and fillings into the crepe and you're done :).

2 nice rice "tortillas" .... I mean, crepes :). Enjoy!

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Looking Up said...

Wow. A corn allergy in a gluten-free house? You guys have definitely been forced to get creative with the cooking in your house. Thanks for sharing the recipes! We try to keep the gluten to a minimum around here. :)

Qadoshyah said...

Yes, it definitely makes cooking interesting! Especially since so many things use or have corn in them.

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