Sunday, April 25, 2010

Osiyyah The Chef . . . Smartie Pants

A couple days ago I had Osiyyah in the house with me. I was doing some stuff on the computer and he was sitting on the couch looking through a Desserts cook book. Looking at all the neat pictures and asking us if the recipes had "no wheat" and "no cow" in them. In other words, gluten free and cow milk free :).

He finished looking through the book, got up and said he was going to make some food in the kitchen. I said, okay that's fine. I thought he would do what he has done before, just pretend play. No, he was serious this time :)!

About 5 minutes or so after Osiyyah went into the kitchen, mom came in and said,

"What's he doing? Who's watching him?"

I replied with,

"I'm watching him, he said he was going to make some food."

She says, "Well, he is making food."

I went into the kitchen and sure enough, he had a stool at the counter (at the stove actually). He had gotten a pan out of the cabinet, put it on the stove top, poured milk into it (about a cup's worth), poured some vinegar in it (he had gotten it out of the cabinet, poured it and put it away), got sugar out of the cabinet, put about a cup's worth in the pan, and had poured some seasonings into his mix.

All that in a matter of 5 minutes or so. Never asked for help or anything, he did it all by himself. We were all in hysterics and quite surprised at how he did it all!! Thankfully he can't reach the knobs on the stove to turn it out, so no danger there.

But, wow, he definitely surprised us all. And now, we know next time he says he's going to make some "pood" (how he says "food"), that we'll make sure someone is in the kitchen with him, haha!



Keithslady said...

So cute!! I love your 'O' stories. Gabe's about a year behind him and it's fun to see a little into the future of what we have to look forward to. What fun!

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