Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was at the Down syndrome forum and I happened to go over to the Terminations For Medical Reasons forum. Oh boy, what a sickening forum that is!

I was reading the messages posted on that forum and it makes me so mad! I sent a note to a couple mothers on there. Particularly one mother who is scheduled to have an abortion because her baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 21. I sent her a note in hopes that maybe, possibly, she would change her mind and not abort her baby. I also sent her the link to our book, in hopes that it would give her accurate information about Down syndrome.

As I was reading some of the messages, I was amazed at how many of these women aborted their pregnancies because of a T21 diagnosis. Most of the terminations I read about were because of Down syndrome. I knew the abortion rate for babies with Down syndrome was high (90%), but it really hit home when I was reading these posts . . . "I terminated a T21 pregnancy too."

It makes my blood boil when I see this! It's disgusting and also very sad.

These women are saying how they think about their baby they aborted all the time, they wonder how he/she would have been, and on and on. They are totally lying to themselves to think they "loved" their child. Anyone who really loved their child would not abort. If these women only continued their pregnancies, they would hopefully see that it's not such a "big, bad thing" to raise a child with Down syndrome.

I left a nice comment in response to one of the posts about terminating a T21 pregnancy. Of course the comment was deleted very quickly and the owner of the forum sent me a note. She was obviously irritated with me (she had aborted for T21 also). We went back and forth a couple times and it ended (at least on my end) with me giving her an earful. She was completely advocating for abortion . . . and abortion of a T21 baby. She made me so mad!


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